Consolidation Loan: What is it?

The banks offer is really very wide today. Banks do not only deal with personal accounts. They also offer various loans to their clients. Among those addressed to a specific group of clients is a consolidation loan. What is he? Who can decide on it? Why is a consolidation loan taken? We will try to find an answer to these […]

The Advantage of Renegotiating Your Mortgage

Perceptible changes are currently encouraging the real estate sector. Indeed, the decline in mortgage rates, about 2.36% in 2014, led to a surge in the implementation of new projects. This news undoubtedly appeals to people wishing to access a property, the various investors in the sector, but also and especially for those who have committed to a mortgage. Indeed, the […]

Moneyland Bank Consolidation – Convenient Loans

  Loan consolidation (for “normal” mortgage lenders ) is the perfect thing for those of you who, despite loans, loans, repayments, and so on. they don’t know where their head is! Imagine a simple situation: someone takes all your loans and merges them into one. And now imagine that it’s not just an idea but a reality, and that you can be the one who sets […]

Installment loan comparison – Save interest rates from 0.69%

Installment loans are an integral part of consumption. The QueryBank was at that time the first installment bank and cooperated since 1954 with the mail order company Zwelle under the name Que Zwelle. The way to the bank for many customers was a Canossagang in the past, installment loans today are a product that has to be sold. The bankers […]