25 unique stained glass windows that will add a pop of color to your home

Stained glass windows are a beautiful addition to any home, especially if you want to add a pop of color or something unique. When the sun hits one of these windows, the color bounces throughout the room. A little color, or a lot, you can get almost any feeling you want if you add stained glass to your home. Not sure where to place that colored window? They look great in doorways, kitchens, attics, and even bathrooms. You can use them in any room where you want to add color and more natural light.

Stained glass windows have existed since the 7th century, according to The lead stained glass company. Although they are most often seen in cathedrals and churches, stained glass windows are not reserved for religious buildings. If you want to turn your windows into works of art, this is a great way to do it. And, to inspire you, here are 25 stained glass windows that will bring color to your home.

1. A floral touch

This beautiful stained glass window has such a warm and inviting feel. It will add a touch of green and blue to your home while providing a meditative vibe as it resembles a mandala. This would be a great window for a front door or kitchen.

2. Diamonds

The diamond design of this window is simple yet so colorful. Blue, yellow, red, and even green shimmer in this vintage-looking space. You get more natural light, but the stained glass style also helps prevent people from seeing clearly!

3. Overhanging Accent

If you’re not ready to commit to an entire stained glass window, try using these bright pops of color on your entryway. Every time you answer the door or go out to check the mail, you will be enchanted by the prism of light.

4. Broken Look

From red to purple, this pair of stained glass windows will have you seeing rainbows throughout your home. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but the broken glass design is also very unique and eye-catching. This is a great choice for living room or den windows.

5. Pop bottle bottoms

This mesmerizing stained glass window almost looks like someone took the bottom of a pile of old glass bottles and created a window out of them (which you could probably do if you’re in a DIY mood).

6. Full color panels

You don’t have to go for intricate designs if you don’t want to. This piece is proof that stained glass can be beautiful simply in solid color panels.

7. Simply Circular

Get creative with small windows in your home, whatever their shape. This circular window lets in a ton of colorful light, even though it doesn’t take up much space.

8. Yummy door design

Choosing to go with a full glass door on your home is a very bold option and may not be for everyone. Using it for a front door makes it hard to see who’s knocking if you don’t have CCTV, so maybe try a side or back door instead.

9. Vintage colors

This pretty heart shaped stained glass window would look great with a lovely orange shag rug. It will add lots of color and vintage vibes to your home no matter where it is.

10. Creative lines

Stained glass windows and doors don’t need to have a mandala-like design to grab attention. This window combines all kinds of shapes to let in more light and just a little color.

11. Family crest

This window almost looks like a family coat of arms. Although it looks a bit busy, it could be perfect if you are going for a royal look.

12. Dotted outlines

If you want privacy, but only a splash of color, frosted windows combined with stained glass will give you just that. This window seems perfectly covered with a layer of ice!

13. This and That

Most of the stained glass so far has let in a lot of light, whereas this set of windows is much more opaque. However, you will still get a little more light and lots of color. Go for all the matching squares or get creative like in this picture.

14. Vibrating Arch

The window above this door is made much more vibrant with the addition of the primary colors through the stained glass. Even though it is more minimalist, the entrance is sure to light up when the sun is out.

15. Simplicity of Design

If you have a small window in the kitchen, shower, or hallway that you want to make more private or colorful, something like this simple purple and green design will do. The lower part of the window is frosted and tinted glass, while the upper level can still be seen clearly.

16. Crest Collection

Pay homage to your lineage by getting stained glass designed with the various family crests that make up your lineage. It will make your home feel like a cherished museum while adding brilliant pops of color.

17. A bit of color

You can bring the joy and color of stained glass into your home even if you prefer a minimalist look. The arch above this window is the only part with stained glass; even then, it’s only one color square.

18. Glorious Green

Whether you see a musical instrument, a person meditating, or some sort of alien insect, this Rorschach test of a window is opaque enough to dim the light from outside but colorful enough to make the room dance in greens and yellows.

19. Red Diamonds

Here’s another delightfully minimalist way to add the beauty of stained glass to your home with a simple splash of color. Rather than filling the main windows with stained glass, the accent windows above get all the glory.

20. A Blue Dot

Like the eye of a dragon, this stained glass brings color through a single point but also through the frosted panels letting the colors of nature through. With multiple textures, all the light entering through this window will create whimsy inside the house.

21. Orange slices

While the diamond parts of this stained glass window are simply frosted to add a bit of privacy, the yellows and oranges around this area will surely add cheerful color to any room.

22. Floral Accent

If you want simple yet vibrant decor, this fleur-de-lis design surrounded by frosted glass is sure to add a splash of vibrant color to your home. Choose your favorite lily colors to match the room this window will be in.

23. A bouquet of flowers

You like flowers ? How about using them as inspiration for your stained glass windows in a major way? This window uses lots of white daisy-like flowers, perhaps as an alternative to frosted glass, with colorful accents of orange and green flowers in the corners.

24. Color blocks

You’ll have the coziest house on the block if you find inspiration in this photo and create a rainbow of colors in the windows. Choose your favorite colors, make it one color or make it a rainbow!

25. Circles and more

Fill your window with shapes and colors. This window sticks with varying blue and green hues and combines shapes for a dynamic look. This busy design would be perfect for a maximalist’s home!

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