All new for Microsoft Edge since Ignite 2022

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  • Microsoft announced several new features for its Edge browser at Ignite 2022.
  • Edge Workplaces lets team members share a set of browser tabs that stay up-to-date in real time.
  • Website typo protection and enhanced security mode improve security when using Edge.
  • Live captions, instant replies, and an improved Narrator experience make Edge more accessible.

Microsoft announced a slew of features at its Ignite conference, including new features for Teams and Microsoft 365. The company also unveiled several new tools for its Edge browser. Soon, users will be able to work together on a shared set of browser tabs through Microsoft Edge Workspaces. Two new Edge security features have increased protection against malicious websites. Additionally, the browser has become more accessible with the addition of live captions, instant replies, and an improved narrator.

Microsoft Edge Workplaces is now in preview. They allow users to work together on a shared set of tabs updated in real time. Microsoft shared a sample onboarding experience for a new employee. With this feature, the new worker can be directed to a single Microsoft Edge workspace rather than a list of links and documents. When someone clicks on a Microsoft Edge workspace, all of the files and links in it open as browser tabs.

Edge’s new security features, website typo protection, and enhanced security mode are already available. When browsing the web, it’s easy to enter the wrong URL. Sometimes malicious actors obtain the rights to a domain for a web page that is often mistakenly entered. Website typo protection will suggest a genuine site rather than a scam site.

Enhanced Security Mode is an optional security feature that applies more conservative settings to unknown websites. The tool disables just-in-time JavaScript compilation, which can be used in an attack.

Moving on to accessibility, Microsoft has several new tools in Edge. Live captions can now appear whenever someone plays media in an Edge window. This feature is separate but similar to the built-in dynamic captioning tool on Windows 11.

A new Instant Replies feature will show suggested results when a user types a query into the Microsoft Edge address bar. For example, the browser will display the temperature in an area when someone types a city name and “weather”.

Improved Narrator in Edge can provide contextual information for various on-screen elements. This feature also makes it easier to fill out form fields, like entering a name or email address on a website.

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