Baldwin’s Guardian OLP Provides Quality Control to Kumar Labels

Kumar Labels, an Indian label supplier, continuously invests in technology to improve its processes to reduce waste, cost and production time and improve quality. The printer’s recent installation of the Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection (OLP) system from Baldwin Technology’s Vision Systems division has met the demand for these lenses.

Located in a 20,000 square foot facility in Greater Noida near New Delhi, Kumar Labels is part of Kumar Printers Pvt. Ltd., with a long established reputation for high quality paperboard packaging.

In 2007, Anuj Bhargava founded Kumar Labels to provide consistent label quality, prompt delivery and reasonable prices. Its top client list includes global brands such as Nestlé, 3M and Bausch and Lomb. Kumar Printer offers a wide range of products ranging from holograms, labels and stamping foils to security inks, multi-layer labels and a variety of printing techniques to help customers execute protection and brand improvement.

Baldwin Technology’s Guardian OLP system verifies that files used for production – or first-run press samples – match 100% to the customer-approved master file. By comparing prepress files or scanned press samples to the customer-approved original in seconds, advanced software automatically locates and highlights even the smallest differences in print quality.

The system can compare electronic files or single scans to electronic files or multiple scans, and instantly detect print defects such as missing or extra prints, prepress errors, plate defects and color variations .

“We had underestimated the need to automate a first print verification system,” says Anuj Bhargava, Managing Director of Kumar Labels. “After installing this device, we were able to pre-detect even small defects before printing started. Also, as a new practice, we now inspect one sheet from each roll to verify print quality. This further reduced the load on our final inspection machines later in the process. I highly recommend the label fraternity embrace this technology. In addition, Baldwin’s after-sales service has been impeccable. We look forward to adding these devices to our Goa and Indore units as well. »

Raj Rana, Regional Sales Manager for Baldwin Vision Systems, adds that the implementation of the Guardian OLP system at Kumar Label follows successful installations at Shriram Veritech Solutions, Pragati Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Zircon (at two plants) and Centurion Forms.

“The Indian printing market is taking note of the productivity gains and waste savings achieved by some of the most prestigious and technology-driven printing facilities in the region,” says Rana.

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