Friendly Finance Loan

Express loan for students and pensioners Friendly Finance, with its multinational partner, is a long-term guarantee of success, proving a million satisfied clients across Europe. In the Czech Republic, it is a non-bank Loan project, with which financial aid of up to CZK 22,000 can be achieved with a maturity of 31 days. One of the fastest loans in the […]

Installment loan comparison – Save interest rates from 0.69%

Installment loans are an integral part of consumption. The QueryBank was at that time the first installment bank and cooperated since 1954 with the mail order company Zwelle under the name Que Zwelle. The way to the bank for many customers was a Canossagang in the past, installment loans today are a product that has to be sold. The bankers […]

Long inheritance and the silent acceptance of the inheritance.

Debt inheritance can be a problem. The widespread taking of bank loans or loans from other lenders, combined with the often limited knowledge of heirs about the debts of the deceased and the principles of inheritance law, often results in the full liability of heirs for the repayment of such debts. Silent acceptance of the inheritance. General rules of liability […]