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Cleaning: Mrs. Hinch explains how to clean and dust wood blinds with an “incredible” product 3p


Most people have blinds in their homes, whether they are wood, plastic, or metal. However, over time they can clump into dust, so they often need to be dusted regularly. A fan of the cleaning sensation, Ms Hinch, asked how she could clean her wooden white blinds.

A third replied, “Vacuum the dust with the attachment and then wipe with dryer sheets. Do it once a month.

A fourth wrote: “First the sheets in the dryer, then a damp cloth. “

A fan of Ms Hinch also suggested vacuuming the blinds before using a dryer sheet.

Another said: “I use dryer sheets. “

One person said: “Mine were left behind and were disgusting! I use dry pawn protection sheets.

“They’re amazing! The ones in the kitchen catch stains, so after the dust is out I spray and wipe with flash spray, wipe off and you’re done.

A second user replied, “I give them a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush first.

“Then put on a synthetic wool winter glove, spray the blinds with a cleaner of your choice and wipe with your gloved hand or you can rinse the glove with soapy water, wring it out and put it on and wipe the blinds. .

“Comes very well and doesn’t take long, you can spread your fingers and do two or three slates at a time. “

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