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Infrastructure bill allocates millions for Augusta projects


Significant investments in transportation and other infrastructure projects in Augusta and across Georgia are among the more than $ 1 trillion in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was passed by the US Senate.

According to the offices of Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, the bill includes $ 1.36 billion for public transportation across Georgia, including $ 25 million for Augusta-Richmond County, $ 24 million for Athens- Clarke and $ 30.7 million for Savannah.

“Today’s historic bipartisan vote to modernize our infrastructure, promote clean energy and create well-paying jobs will benefit Georgians for generations to come,” Ossoff said in a statement from his office. “The investments we make now will set us on the path to sustainability, innovation and world-class transit and transportation across our state. “

The bill, which is sent back to the House for approval, also includes $ 8.9 billion for repairs to Georgia’s roads and highways, $ 225 million for bridge replacement, $ 100 million for coverage at broadband statewide and $ 135 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Warnock also introduced an amendment with Senator Ted Cruz to give the official designation to a proposed federal highway, Interstate 14, which would begin near Augusta and end in West Texas, connecting military bases and rural communities in five states.

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“As we emerge from this pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to repair our country’s aging infrastructure while addressing the worsening climate crisis and supporting job growth, including jobs in the clean energy that will propel Georgia into the future, ”Warnock said. in a statement from his office.

Some of the representatives of the Georgia Republican House disagreed.

Republican Representative Jody Hice of the 10th Congressional District, candidate for Secretary of State of Georgia, Tweeted “How the hell did this $ 1.2 trillion bill get passed in the Senate 69-30? Two words. Republicans RINO !!!” using an acronym for “Republicans by name only”.

The staff of House Representative Rick Allen, R-Augusta, did not say Allen was categorically opposed to the bill, but expressed concern that the bill does not currently provide for the necessary investments in infrastructure and believes that the new spending could lead to higher inflation.

Gov. Brian Kemp’s office declined to comment on the legislation until it was enacted.

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