LG plans to turn windows into OLED TVs (for advertising reasons), starting with trains

Advertising is everywhere. It’s in your phone, it’s in your browser, it’ll pre-launch before a YouTube video, heck, even Netflix plans to run ads. Soon it will be everywhere else. LG is bringing its OLED technology to the glass panels, especially those that occupy the trains.

The company showcased its transparent display (which we believe you can see a version of in the company’s local showroom) at InnoTrans 2022. It’s nothing new, far from it, but it’s destined for more places than Japan and China. LG is already offering its OLED window displays to train manufacturers in this country.

We are OLED into the future

LG Display is launching its new product “Transparent OLED for Subway Trains”, hoping to install it on trains in Europe and the United States. It uses something called Suspended Particle Device or SPD Smart Glass. It’s basically tempered glass designed for “high impact and vibration”.

When LG’s OLED technology is disabled, screens are essentially just windows. You can look through them at the scrolling landscape if there is any. If you’re on a subway, you probably don’t need a window everything time. It’s just there to keep you from freaking out and destroying the place. It is able to deliver advertisements, weather reports and other information while maintaining transparency. LG estimates that its SPD layer, when activated, blocks up to 99% of light, which means you can also have real detailed ads on your window. Assuming that’s something you want.

He won’t be coming to South Africa anytime soon, because… well, for reasons. But putting ads on train windows is just one step away from putting ads on… well, all windows. LG also showed off its Show Windows, which uses four 55-inch transparent OLED displays to deliver similar functionality on a larger scale. Those cyberpunk movies that display ads on glass all over the place? Yeah, that future is coming. Once companies can afford it, of course.

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