Mangerton – Bushfire Safe Windows

Built in a bushfire prone area with a partly BAL-FZ and partly BAL-40 rating, customers also wanted to achieve very high fuel efficiency. Paarhammer Bushfire Safety Range covers everything.

The distinctive window design includes horizontal bars on the fixed panes with tilt and turn window openings. The construction also includes a lift-and-slide stacking door with highlights, fixed windows and tilt-and-turn windows.

BAL-FZ rating and no flaps

Customers wanted bushfire resistant windows, without the typical design compromise posed by bushfire shutters. Paarhammer bushfire windows require no shutters even at the highest exposure level (BAL-FZ).

All window frames are made from FSC-certified Manilkara Bidentata with BAL-FZ windows and doors made from Schott Pyranova glass, which is 14mm thick and includes invisible intumescent layers that swell in the event of a fire to create a electric blanket to prevent radiant heat transfer. towards the inside.

Watch the video belowto see this mechanism in action.

For the BAL-40, Viridian Pyro40 glass is used. Glazing for BAL-FZ and for BAL-40 are made into Insulating Double Glazing Units (IGU) and achieve a very low U value of 2.2 and 1.7 respectively.

All Paarhammer Bushfire Safe products have been tested, approved and comply with AS1530.8.1-2007, comply with AS3959-2009 and AS3959-2018 for BAL-40, and AS1530.8.2-2007, and comply with AS3959-2009 and AS3959 – 2018 for BAL-FZ.

Test reports are available on request and certificates of compliance are provided for each project. See more information on BAL-40 and BAL-FZ.

Architects: Southworth Architects
Builder: Icon Projects
Photos: Shaw Photography

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