Migos – Rap Group Travis Porter Claims Former Quality Control Label Trio Fell ‘Over AB*tch’

Migos, Travis Porter

Migos – Rap Group Travis Porter Claims Former Quality Control Label Trio Fell ‘Over AB*tch’

Atlanta Rap Group migos may have dissolved for a woman, at least according to Travis Porter.

During an appearance on the We in Miami podcast, the rap group — made up of half-brothers Ali and Quez and their friend Webbing — said they heard the former trio arguing over a “bitch.” Although it is unclear if the woman in question is Gap spouse Cardi B, Quez said,

“It’s always on a female dog. Ni**a get killed over a female dog, ni**a part ways with p*ssy.

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In a recent interview about the breakup, To take off andQuavo(real name Quavious Keyate Marshall) — who now perform as rap duo “Unc & Phew” — said sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.


Quavo said,

“We just come from a loyal family, which is supposed to stick together and sometimes when it doesn’t work it’s not supposed to.

He added,

“We just rely on loyalty. We’re on a real deal, real loyalty and sometimes this shit gets played out and it’s got nothing to do with no etiquette, no paperwork, no QC, nothing. It has something to do with the three brothers and damn it it is. Right now, we’re going to be the duo until time dictates.

Migos - Shift, Quavo, Takeoff

Offset, Quavo, Liftoff

To take off(real name Bal Kirshnik Khari), added:

“You know we don’t know all the answers. God knows and we pray a lot. Everything that’s wrong and how you’re supposed to see it fit and you fix it or how you do. We pray that only time will tell. We still have a family and that won’t change.

As previously reported, breakup rumors for the trio started to surface around May when Quavo and To take off released “Hotel Lobby” from their “Unc & Phew” project, which excluded Gap. Fans have also noticed that Gap stopped following Quavo and To take off on social networks.

Gap (real name Kiari Cephus) has since filed a lawsuit against Quality Control Records for allegedly seeking to control his solo career. The 30-year-old rapper has accused QC of breaching a contract they agreed to in January 2021. He allegedly negotiated his solo contract and ‘paid generously’ for his artist rights, but according to the lawsuit, QC is not respecting the deal now. that he released a new solo record.

Gap would have described this behavior as “aggressive”.

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