Passenger blames woman for not closing blind during flight – but people are divided

A PASSENGER has sparked debate online after criticizing a woman on her flight for not closing her blind.

The person explained that they were on a seven-hour plane trip at the start of which the pilot asked passengers to lower their blinds so people could sleep.


A man has shared his views after complaining that a woman was not closing her blind (stock image)Credit: Getty

However, the woman who sat across the aisle did not close her blind and instead spent the start of the robbery staring out the window.

The passenger approached and asked her to close it, but she initially refused.

Finally, after half an hour, the woman gave in and closed the blind.

After the incident, the person contacted social media site Reddit to ask if they had behaved unreasonably or not.

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They wrote: “The pilot arrived at the start of the flight and told everyone to close the blinds as it was a 7 hour flight and many would be sleeping.

“90 minutes later, a woman across the aisle opened her window and just sat there staring at the Atlantic Ocean.

“I woke up to this, as did the stranger next to me.

“I got up after 20 minutes and approached to ask them to please close their shade so others could sleep as advertised.

“She and her husband looked at me as if I had asked them to jump out the window.

“I pressed and 30 minutes later they finally closed it for the rest of the flight.

“The light level dropped exponentially when it turned off.”

Many people were on the woman’s side, telling the passenger that she had paid for her fare and was allowed to look out the window if she wanted to.

One said: “The person with the open shade paid the same price for their ticket and should be able to use their space as they see fit.”

A second said: “If you wanted a shared space to be dark why didn’t you bring a sleep/eye mask?”

However, others argued for the passenger, saying the passengers were told to close their blinds by the pilot.

One said: “The pilot told everyone to close the blinds. If the person flying the plane says to do something, it’s not optional at this point.”

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A flight attendant explained why passengers are asked to open their blinds for takeoff and landing.

And a woman was horrified by a passenger’s rude method of closing the blinds during a flight.

The woman refused to close her blind until the man repeatedly asked her to do so (stock image)


The woman refused to close her blind until the man repeatedly asked her to do so (stock image)Credit: Getty

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